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Make you one Silverdoo Book a few Minutes! Create electronic flash magazines, catalogs, newspapers, brochures
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Kalman Szappan
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12 April 2011

Editor's review

It’s been a while now since print books started receiving a cut-throat competition from their digital siblings. Needless to say, with the increasing popularity of the digital book-format, the market has also been flooded with numerous software that can access, read and edit these electronic books. Also, these e-books may be compatible with a number of programs like PDF viewer, word processing programs, simple text programs and others. But nothing feels greater than the traditional way of turning the pages of a book along with all the advantages of reading it on a computer. You may also want to customize the presentation of your e-book and share it online. For such requirements, Silverlight PageFlip Book v. is a nice and quick application.

Silverlight PageFlip Book is a shareware program for creating a silverlight book from a document containing plain text and pictures. With this program, it’s just a matter of few minutes to create pleasant looking and neat interfaced books from text documents containing magazines, journals, news papers, novels, manuals, brochures, photo albums etc. The various pages of the created books are flipped with the help of mouse and the colors and presentation of the books look amazing on the first view. You can create such a book for your personal use or if you are a web developer or you have your own blog or website on which you want to share this book, you can easily do so by simply exporting it to a web page without any need of additional web programming skills. Apart from this, you do not need to install any server applications like SQL, ASP, PHP or any other language. For copyrighted materials, you can easily copy protect and print protect your uploaded books.

Overall, Silverlight PageFlip Book v. is a nice and easy to use application for making peasant looking books from soft copies of text documents and images. It comes at a price which can be termed fairly reasonable, especially keeping in mind of all its features, utilities, and the simplified operational aspect. Hence, it receives a score of four on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Make you one Silverdoo Book a few Minutes!
Create electronic silverlight magazines, catalogs, newspapers, brochures, documents, photo albums, tutorials, manuals, handbooks and more.
Convert your Office Document or XPS in a Silverlight page turn flip Book. Print your Powerpoint-, Excel-, Word- or other Document to a XPS-File and make a Silverlight online or offline Book with realistic page flip effects.
You can download a full functionally Version on
The system requirements to your site are minimal. You do not need PHP, ASP, mySQL or any other server applications to be installed.
You do not need programming skills. The installation procedure is just a files copying on the server. The interface can be almost completely customized. Silverdoo Player can be easily integrated to any existing design and brand style. You can use a variety of book interface settings.
You are not tied to the other's servers and per-pages costs. All files are stored on your server and you do not depend on anybody. If you need an automated conversion of you Office Documents into the Silverdoo Silverlight publications you should consider our Silverdoo Publisher.
Any function (Download, Print, etc) can be turned off. To do this, just take the corresponding button away from the Silverdoo Publisher control panel. Silverdoo allows you to build stunning flash flip books for both online and offline use in minutes. You don't need any additional software.
Import your Office Documents, configure book look & feel and publish. This is the best way to create digital ( electronic ) editions such as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogues. No coding is required. Simply import your Documents, configure the look & feel and hit the publish button. Enjoy the real page turning effect.
Silverlight PageFlip Book
Silverlight PageFlip Book
Version 1.0
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